Reliable, Strong & Suitable for Professional Uses

Piston compressors – reliable, strong and long lasting. The Broomwade range includes oil-free, oil-lubricated and silent compressors, making them ideal for a range of workshop and industrial uses. This range of compressors operate at low noise levels and have integrated control panels. They are designed with ease of use and servicing in mind. All Broomwade piston compressors are equipped with authentic high-quality pistons for a longer working life and better performance.

Piston Compressors Overview

  • Coaxial version, single phase belt driven, silenced canopy version
  • Belt driven, single & three phase
  • Pressure range 8 - 15 bar
  • Electric motor 0.75 kW - 22 kW
  • Voltage 230v/50/60 Hz & 400v/50/60 Hz


  • Durable high quality pistons
  • Wide range to suit all applications
  • Oil-free models available
  • Silenced models available

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