About Us

About Us)

At BroomWade, it is our goal to offer complete compressed air solutions that ensure we are a smart and affordable choice for both our customers in small and medium-size industries.

We offer a wide range of oil-injected screw, piston, rotary vane, rotary scroll and portable compressors, plus a complete air treatment range. We are constantly developing our products to ensure that we can always provide our customers quality products with quick delivery and high levels of customer care.

Our compressed air solutions are sold and serviced through a worldwide distribution and reseller network and are used for applications in the industrial and craft sectors. For decades, our philosophy has been to use local, independent distributors for our products as they are proven to be:
 • Highly-responsive & customer-focused
 • Involved in the local community
 • Flexible to customer requirements
 • Well-trained and fully staffed
 • Experts in their field
 • Service-oriented and fully stocked

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