5 Year Extended Warranty

At Broomwade, we know that efficiency and reliability are incredibly important to all of our clients. This is why we've created our *Extended 5 Year Warranty Programme.

Available for our compressed air solutions, our warranty programme represents Broomwade's total commitment to quality and worry-free ownership.

With Broomwade warranty, you’ll have access to our wide network of authorised distributors and factory-trained service engineered who are specially trained to look after your investment.

FM Series 7.5 to 132 kW – Warranty

The complete machine will have a warranty period of 24 months from date of commissioning or an additional 6 months from date of dispatch ex Broomwade ,which ever is the soonest.

Option : 5 Years extended Warranty ** available for Broomwade FM compressors.

The extended warranty is available for owners that follow the service schedule using Broomwade genuine service kits and ChampLUBE lubricants.

* Warranty is valid only if genuine Broomwade parts are used, and service be carried out by a authorized Broomwade trained service engineer.

** The cost for the extended warranty must be paid at the time of ordering your equipment

Warranty_FM warranty